1:1 Seasoned Pretzels

1:1 Seasoned Pretzels

Our 1:1 Infused Seasoned Pretzels are PERFECT for daytime & nighttime use. 

These vegan pretzels are perfectly seasoned and provide a balanced relief. Each pretzel is about 5mg CBD & 5mg THC, made with EIGHT different cannabinoids, a very nice full spectrum type of healing!

Based off our testers: 
1 pretzel: Slight head change but functional.
2 pretzels: Stronger head change with body relaxation, still functional.
3 pretzels: Head change and drowsiness starts to kick in. 

Each bag comes with .6oz of pretzels (roughly 9-10 pretzels).

Ingredient: Non GMO pretzels, plant based butter, coconut oil, cannabis extracts, nutritional yeast & a secret blend of seasonings.