CBD Hemp Flower

CBD Hemp Flower

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Organic CBD Hemp Flowers that’s tested!

Organic, no pesticides, powered by sun! 

Available in 4g or 7g SOUR SPACE CANDY 

These are small to medium size nugs, may have some leaf on the buds (organic) and hand trimmed.

    When smoking this product you may feel a slight head change that will subside quickly. Will make you think your smoking the real thing ;)

    Will come in a sealed zip pouch. Although Hemp is legal amongst the states, we will still take precaution and package discretely to avoid any issues.

    Only available within the USA!

    We are constantly rotating our strains! Let us know which is your favorite!


    This product has very minimal to zero THC within legal limits, purchasing and consuming this product is at your own descretion. We do not advise using if being tested.