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CBD Teas made with all natural & organic loose leaf infused with CBD & with CBD Hemp Flower. Comes in a sealable bag with 3 tea bags. Tea bags and bags are non-bleached, all natural & bio-degradeable. These teas are perfectly blended to assist through your day. 




               Rise up with:

    • Gin-Jah: A blend of lemon, ginger, lemongrass, a touch of sorrell, hemp CBD flower and coconut powder. Caffeine Free.
    • Into the Day:
    • Minty Fresh: A blend of mints, hemp CBD flower and coconut powder. Caffeine Free
      Catch a vibe:
    • Vib-biscus: A blend of hibiscus, rosehips, lemongrass, hemp CBD flower and coconut powder.
    • Glow: A blend of tuermic, ginger, sweet orange and licorice root and pepper. Perfect to ease digestion and bloat, inflammation and nausea. 
      Prep for rest:
    • Too Blessed to Stress:  A blend of lavender, basic, lemon, rosehips & hemp CBD flower and coconut powder. Caffenine Free
    • Cozy Chamomile: Strictly chamomile, nothing else. When you need to relax, relieve fever and aches. Caffenine Free

    Directions:-Steep tea bag in 8oz of hot boiled water for 5-8 minutes.-Add a natural sweetener if desired. We recommend our Infused Agave, if seeking a "higher" vibe than you can highten to your wishes. 
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    Contains small amounts of poweder coconut milk to ensure body absorbs all CBD. Do not purchase or use if allergic to coconut.

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