"Cool It" 1:1 Tincture

"Cool It" 1:1 Tincture


Our new "Cool It" 1:1 Tincture was crafted with peace in mind. This blend will help you "cool it"; your stress, your nerves; and you lungs. This blend is all around soothing that is get you a fresh breath of life, infused with 150mg "higher" and 150mg CBD (both full spectrum). 


Recommended dose is one dropper full, this will contain approx 5mg higher & CBD.  (Please see Advisory) 

How to use: Can be taken sublingual, hold for 20 seconds under your tongue or add your hot/cold drinks. 

Comes in a 1 ounce amber glass bottle, sealed to prevent "stench".


Ingredients: Eucalyptus, licorice, ginger, English tulsi, cardamom, cinnamon, cassia, mullein, alfalfa, fennel, thyme, elecampane, cloves. hemp flower, cannabis flower, MCT (Coconut) Oil, CBD and

THC extract.

  • Advisory

    Do not take if being tested. 

    ALWAYS start small when consuming, even the daily toker! You can always add but you CANNOT take out of the body. Start with the half dose reccomended, wait up to 45min for body to absorb and increase if needed. If you feel it too much, drink plenty of water, eat and sleep!