J's Body Sprays

J's Body Sprays


These body sprays are made by my 11 yo daughter Jah'niece. As her mom I'm proud to say that my ambition is always encourging her to create her own products. When I started Italist Creations, I wanted something that could be handed down to her. These body sprays will are soley created by her with the help of me supplying materials. All proceedings besides PayPal fee's will go to her as she puts her own ambitions forth to create a line of her own. I give many thankhs for those that support my daughters vision and encourage her to become a entrepreneur at a young age. These learning skills will be vital to learn responsibility, accountability, money mangement, organization as well as encouragement and self reliance. 


2oz. Spray Bottle



    All body sprays are made with pure essentials oil that she blended on her own as well other all natural materials. They smell divine! 


    All proceedings of this product go to Ja'niece. 

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