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1:1 Nerve Tincture

This blend was made specifically to help calm your nerves, reduce stress & reduce anxiety. Made with a blend of herbs and cannabis (higher oil & CBD). 

•1oz bottle contains 125mg CBD & 125mg “Higher” 
•2oz Bottle contains 250mg CBD & 250mg “Higher”

Ingredients & benefits included are:
•Skull Cap- Eases body tension and reduces inflammation. 
•Chamomile- Helps depression, anxiety and reduces muscle spasms. 
•Passion Flower- Calms & soothes the nervous system.
•Oatstraw- Contains B vitamins which nourishes & soothes the nervous system.
•Lemon Verbena- Helps chronic stress, eases mind & calm the body.
•Moringa- Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
•Stinging Nettle- Improves circulation which fights inflammation 
•Sour Sop- Reduces pain, strengthen nerves, lowers blood pressure and presents cancer.
•Lavender- Relaxes tense muscles & removes spasms while strengthen nervous system.
•Cannabis- Reduces pain, reduces inflammation, helps body & muscles relax, promotes appetite & peaceful sleep.