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Natural Coconut Steamer by SteamTeamJA

Natural Coconut Steamer by SteamTeamJA

$100.00 Regular Price
$95.00Sale Price

Natural Coconut Steamers created by SteamTeamJA. These steamers are handmade, no factory! All parts are from Jamaica, hand picked, hand carved...great quality!


Seamers are used as tools in meditation to steam your sacrament in an NATURAL manner. Made with coconut, bamboo & clay- no glues, no rubber. Each bamboo is fitted to a specific coconut, each kutchie is made to fit that specific bamboo.


Steamer runs off key elements of life: earth, air, fire & water.


Each steamer kit will include:


-Bamboo Stem

-Bamboo Drawstick


-Grit (clay screen)

-Clay stand

-Coconut Shell Charcoal (All natural, REAL Coconut shells- no gun powder)


Setting up the steamer is similar to setting up a hookah, directions will come with your order). You can steam any herbs, wet or dry- lavender, rosemary, basil, sage, leafs, cinnamon, etc.


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