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- One Gram Cartridges
- Natural cherry wood tip (or bamboo) with glass exterior and ceramic coil.
- Only two ingredients. Pure extract and pure cannabis terpenes.
- No harsh additives.
-No vitamin e oil, no “cut”, no fillers.
- Over 90% extract
!- I - Indica, S - Sativa, H - Hybrid
*If there is Half Grams availabe it will be noted in the flavor.*


*Imperfect Cartridges* - Imperfect cartridges simply mean it was the end of the batch of oil that didn't fill a full  gram cartridge. We can't remove the oil nor sell as full gram, this is your chance to get a steal on your favorite product. It will be labeled about how much oil is in the cartridge on the strain option :)



NEW Delta 8 1:1 Blend!

Delta8 is THC but not the psychoactive profile, this blend is good for those that may get anxiety from smoking vapes, the Delta8 will lower the effects of psychoactivity but it will be still have a faint exsistence. 


    Due to our cartridges not being "cut" with dilutent our extracts may be more solid and work better with a pre-heat battery. This will allow the extract to warm up. This is completely normal! If you do not have a pre-heat option simple hold the button down until you see vapor coming out of the cartridge. 

    Compabitble with 510 thread batteries. We do offer batteries that are compatible with our cartridges. 



    Due to the nature of this product, we do not accept returns. If you encounter any unexpected issue please contact us so we can offer a solution. 


    If you order quantities of a strain we will box two cartridges in one box to avoid additional waste. If you need them packaged separate, please make a note & we will accommodate.