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Consciously Crafted Healing Products


Italist Creations Established 2014

Ital (eye-tal)

A consciously livity within RastafarI, connecting our mind, body and spirit with living elements provided by the Most High. We are a RastafarI Empress & King consciously creating healing skin, care & self wellness products. We grow as much as possible from seed to fuel our products. We strive to create unique infused products to help balance of lives and ease struggles. 

We give thankhs for the trust and support.

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I just want to say the healing suppositories did MAGIC! I have always bleed in between periods, so when I started my healing journey to heal my whole body I did lots of re search, I became vegan & it did help to an extent, Then I came across Italist creations healing suppositories! I only inserted one & I have never bleed in between periods ever since! What a blessing! 🏽🏽🏽 Thank you for spreading the healing



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